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Extension Ladders / Professional Punchlock Extension Ladder

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Professional Punchlock Extension Ladder

Standard view.

Professional Punchlock Extension Ladder

Patented side rope and pulley keeps rope away from users feet.

Professional Punchlock Extension Ladder

Anti-slip rubber feet with support plates.

Highly durable and offering superior strength, the Professional 150kg range of Extension Ladders are designed for heavy trade/commercial and tradesperson use.

Combining a host of added features and benefits, this range features heavy duty aluminium construction.

  • Punchlock® ‘D’ shaped rungs for secure footing
  • Industrial Duty Rated. Designed for use on industrial work sites where greater strength and safety is required
  • Extra Heavy Duty, 150kg load rating
  • Interlocking stiles and swaged rung to stile joint for maximum resistance to twist and side sway
  • Patented convenient side pulley and rope extension system to keep rope away from the users’ feet
  • Anti-slip feet for added safety and stability
  • Made to Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892.1
  • Note: 8 & 9 sizes do not feature rope and pulley

For heavy duty industrial trade/commercial use by professional contractors, tradespersons, workplaces, serious DIY/handyman. Made to the requirements of the Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS1892.

Product Number Model Name Reach Height Ladder Size Product Weight EAN Code
FS13621 (replaces FS13407) Pro 150kg Extension 8 2.4m 5.0m 2.4/4.0m (8’/13’) 11.04kg 9312097059771
FS13622 (replaces FS13408) Pro 150kg Extension 9 2.7m 5.6m
2.7/4.6m (9’/15’) 12.19kg 9312097059788
FS13623 (replaces FS13409) Pro 150kg Extension 10 3.0m 6.2m
3.0/5.2m (10’/17’) 13.65kg 9312097059795
FS13624 (replaces FS13410) Pro 150kg Extension 11 3.3m 6.8m
3.3/5.8m (11’/19’) 14.83kg 9312097059801
FS13625 (replaces FS13411) Pro 150kg Extension 12 3.6m 7.4m
3.6/6.4m (12’/21’) 16.05kg 9312059059818
FS13626 (replaces FS13412) Pro 150kg Extension 13 4.2m 8.3m
4.2/7.3m (13’/23’) 25.94kg 9312097059825
FS13627 (replaces FS13413) Pro 150kg Extension 14 4.5m 8.9m
4.5/7.9m (14’/25’) 27.79kg 9312097059832
FS13628 (replaces FS13414) Pro 150kg Extension 15 4.8m 9.5m 4.8/8.5m (15’/27’) 29.68kg 9312097059849
FS13629 (replaces FS13415) Pro 150kg Extension 16 5.1m 10.1m 5.1/9.1m (16’/29’) 31.57kg 9312097059856
FS13630 (replaces FS13416) Pro 150kg Extension 17 5.4m 10.7m 5.4/9.7m (17’/31’) 33.46kg 9312097059863
FS13631 (replaces FS13417) Pro 150kg Extension 18 6.0m 11.6m 6.0/10.6m (18’/34’) 37.23kg 9312097059870
FS13632 (replaces FS13418) Pro 150kg Extension 20 6.3m 12.2m 6.3/11.2m (20’/36’) 39.12kg 9312097059887

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