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LADDER SAFETY / Australian & New Zealand Standards

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What are the Australian & New Zealand Standards? (AS/NZS 1892.1-5)
The Australian & New Zealand Standards are a collective of individuals who meet to discuss the communities’ expectations in relation to specific issues. Through a consensual approach more than 9000 representatives from selected industries reach agreement on various topics and strive continually to ensure that the Standards accurately reflect the views and opinions of all stakeholders.
The Australian & New Zealand Standards for Ladders are considered to be the toughest in the world … and they need to be.
When it comes to ladders … SAFETY IS IMPORTANT … and no compromise can or should be made.
Numerous tests are undertaken to ensure that the Bailey ladder is STRONG, STABLE and SAFE.

Which ‘Ladder’ Standards do I need to know about?
AS/NZS 1892.1-5

AS/NZS 1892 
Portable Ladders
Part 1 Metal
Part 2 Timber
Part 3 Reinforced Plastic
Part 5 Safe Use & Care

Why do we need Standards for ladders ?
Many reasons exist as to why we 'need' Australian & New Zealand Standards for ladders... here's a quick summary:
1. To protect ladder users from injury and harm.
2. To provide a benchmark for the manufacture of STRONG, STABLE and SAFE ladders.

What do we (staff, customers, ladder users) need to know?
Essentially, you need the assurance that the ladders you are either using, selling or recommending:
1. Meet the Australian & New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS 1892).
2. Have been manufactured from quality materials under strict guidelines.
3. Are safe to use, will perform as intended and not buckle, twist or break when used correctly.

NB: A simple statement from a manufacturer or importer is sometimes not enough.

How do I know if a product really does meet the Australian & New Zealand Standards?
Sadly, there are ladders available on the market which claim to meet the Australian & New Zealand Standards, but don’t. Your best solution is to use and recommend a 'reputable' ladder manufacturer. Werner is the largest ladder manufacturer in the world and all ladders are manufactured to the highest quality in Werner’s worldwide strategic manufacturing network. When you choose or recommend a Bailey® ladder, your decision is supported by industry professionals, trades people and thousands of others who insist on premium quality and superior ladder products. This means that in the unlikely event of a ladder accident, you can remain confident that Werner Co. will be here to answer that claim.
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